"You're much younger looking in person!".
Gale Lamas, Judge Ken reilly Seminars

Here are some questions that I'm frequently asked. I hope you'll find this helpful!

  • Besides sales, branding and success, what do you speak on?

    Answer: Nothing! My expertise lies in this specific area. If you need another topic, I'll try and help make a suggestion, but won't do it.

  • Why should we hire Lois Creamer?

    Answer: Anyone who is interested in selling more, and creating a real presence for their business needs is a fit for me. My programs are high-content, high-energy and fun! If you are looking for ideas that be implemented immediately, my program may be a good fit for you.

    I have been in business over ten years. Prior to my speaking and consulting practice, I worked in corporate America. I was with United States Steel Corporation in sales and marketing. I also did some cooking in a Mexican restaurant while in college. I decided it wasn't for me when my fingernails became permanently stained green from chopping lettuce.

    My clients include small business owners, entrepreneurs, large sales forces, associations, anyone seeking to improve sales. I constantly strive to insure that my programs are relevant and meaningful to my audiences. I am happy to provide a list of clients along with reference letters.

    My high-content programs on sales and brand may be used as a breakout or workshop; my Fast Forward Success program makes a great keynote. I have also served as a facilitator as well as expert panel member.

  • What kind of audiovisual equipment do you need?

    Answer: I will provide you with an audio-visual request in writing prior to the event. Typically, I need a LCD projector and screen. Every audience has visual learners, and I like to insure that I am serving everyone in the audience.

    I prefer to send you my PowerPoint presentation in advance and use your computer. This will insure all runs smoothly. Since my programs are protected by copyright, I will ask that you return the CD after the event. Please do not copy the program without written permission.

  • Do you work with bureaus or agents?

    Answer: I am happy to partner with bureaus and agents. Further, I will do my part to promote the bureau or agent to the client and try to get additional, spin off business.

  • Do you ever waive your fee?

    Answer: Yes. I waive my fee for several programs each year. I try and do ten. If my calendar is full for this year, you may apply for next year. These programs may be for businesses, corporations, and non-profits. Since my business is "for profit", I can only do a certain number each year, or I'd be a really lousy businesswoman!

    I work just as hard on these programs. Therefore, I will insist that they are handled just as a paid presentation would be handled.

    In order for me to agree to waive my fee, certain restrictions may apply. Give me a call and we can discuss. If the program is out of town, expenses must be included.

  • What kind of values does your company reflect?

    Answer: I hold myself to the highest of ethical standards and excellence. I believe the quality of my business is a direct result of the quality of my client relationships. I seek to add value to my clients businesses. The best marketing I do for my business is doing a great job for you every time I work with you.

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