"Thank you so much for presenting to my President's Roundtable group. . . they were buzzed by your style, personal examples, and the importance of managing the perception of their business to the world. I can share this fact with you. You are the only speaker we have had where the response was . . . 'We want a follow-up program with Lois Creamer.'"
Michael Hess, Business Owners International

Speaking & Training Programs for Corporations, Associations and Small Businesses

Lois has three signature programs. Select from these high content speaking and training presentations that are perfect for people who to increase performance and sell more. All presentations can be customized for your specific needs of topic and length of program.

>>Fast Forward Selling

This high-content, high-energy program will supercharge your sales team to sell more and be more productive. You will learn new strategies and techniques that you can use immediately such as how to

  • Develop a memorable positioning statement
  • Increase repeat and referral business
  • Qualify prospects faster and more effectively
  • Get to the real decision maker
  • Answer sales objections and close more sales

>>Fast Forward Branding

This program will help you discover the strategic awareness that a great brand can bring. In today's information flooded world, the scarcest resource isn't ideas or even a specific product--it's attention. Unless organizations learn to effectively capture, nurture, and keep attention, they will not be as successful in reaching their goals. In this program you will discover how to

  • Differentiate yourself and build brand awareness
  • Get in sync with your target markets
  • Benchmark against the best in your industry
  • Be the name prospects think of first

>>Fast Forward Success

What does it take to become a success? Why do some people make it, and some don't? There are patterns to the actions of succesful people. In this keynote presentation, we'll discover them. In this program, Lois will share how to use her three P's to achieve lasting success while enjoying the journey. Client Jack Canfield (Mr. Chicken Soup!) uses Lois Creamer's work on positioning and success in his new workbook that accompanies his book, Success Principles.

  • Define success by your own standards
  • Learn how others have defined their success
  • Hear success stories that will uplift and motivate

To find out how Lois can help you grow your business contact me online or call direct at 314-822-8225.

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