"Your presentation last week in Tulsa was outstanding. The Fast Forward Selling information would be required for everyone in any business. We live and die in business based on how well we sell and present our ideas, concepts, and products. Your material gives the best and most specific usable information I have yet encountered in the field. Anyone interested in being a top performer should utilize Fast Forward Selling!".
Jim Stovall, Narrative Television Network

Here are some things I hope you may find helpful. They include articles, white papers and information.

Fast Forward Selling ... In Challenging Times
Positioning is a word you hear constantly. What does it mean? And what can great positioning do? In a word - everything!

Four Secrets Of Success in Sales!
Just four secrets? Maybe you can think of many more, but here are four very important ones...

The Importance of the Written Word
You must be able to write a good, interesting business letter. It will help you build the relationship...

Positioning: Creating Your Place In The Market
Positioning. This is a word you hear constantly. What does it mean?

Hiring a Team Member
It's the question that I'm asked the most. The best answer I have is simply this: "Hire staff when it is costing you money NOT to do so...

Why Hire Staff?
When considering bringing someone on board, here are some things to consider...

Marketing Review
Questions to ask yourself when reviewing your marketing plans...

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"Lois Creamer works with organizations that want to fast forward their selling skills so that they can be more successful at what they do. For more information on her programs please contact Lois

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