"Thank you for a terrific presentation on Fast Forward Selling at the St. Louis Meeting Professionals International meeting. You were an easy speaker to work with, flexible and undemanding, yet professional all the way. More importantly, your talk was timely and motivating. The last several months have been a challenge for many in the hospitality industry, and your comments were on target to help members turn sales inquiries into solid bookings. You are great!".
Rebecca DeFilippo, Meeting Professionals Intl.

The Importance of the Written Word

Ah yes, the written word! How passe you say? Not so! Maybe no longer the handwritten word, but the word processing word. You must be able to write a good, interesting business letter. It will help you build the relationship you need in order to get the booking. Remember the following:

1. Talk about the prospect, not yourself. Of course you need to communicate what you do, however, talk about it in relation to how you can help the prospect with his concerns or challenges.

2. Make sure your letter is well organized and easy to read. Keep it conversational in tone, keep it brief!

3. End your letter with an action statement. For example, "I'll give you a call next week to get your feedback and to answer any questions you may have." If you let your client/prospect know what you will be doing, you have a better chance of getting your material reviewed and considered.

4. Give away some ideas on how you can be helpful. In addition to speaking, offer articles for publication in a company newsletter or a product that can enhance their businesses.

Remember that you are in the communication business! Be able to express yourself in all media.

"Lois Creamer works with organizations that want to fast forward their selling skills so that they can be more successful at what they do. For more information on her programs please contact www.FastForwardSelling.com, email Lois@FastForwardSelling.com, or call 314-822-8225."

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