"Thank you for a terrific presentation on Fast Forward Selling at the St. Louis Meeting Professionals International meeting. You were an easy speaker to work with, flexible and undemanding, yet professional all the way. More importantly, your talk was timely and motivating. The last several months have been a challenge for many in the hospitality industry, and your comments were on target to help members turn sales inquiries into solid bookings. You are great!".
Rebecca DeFilippo, Meeting Professionals Intl.

Why Hire Staff?

Hiring a team member for your business is an important decision, to say the least. When considering bringing someone on board, consider the following:

  • Business growth - are you spending all of your time doing everything yourself? If your business is growing, you had better be able to handle it. Are your clients being served well? If they aren't, they will take their business somewhere else.
  • Positioning - are you putting enough time and effort into building relationships with your clients and bureaus?
  • Opportunity - are you missing opportunities like attending NSA meetings, creating or updating your web site, getting competitive bids with vendors? Do you have personal life?
  • Money - do you have time to invoice clients?
  • Guilt - are you constantly feeling guilty about the time you spend on your business? Does your life reflect things other than speaking?
  • Image - would you be better positioned in your market if you had staff? For example, if you speak on teambuilding but have no way to relate to your topic with a personal story, do you think your credibility factor may be a little low? Or, if your topic is customer service, but you lag in response time to customer requests, can this reflect a lack of integrity on your part?

Remember, if your business is growing, you had better grow with it. A viable business is one that is in constant "movement". Sometimes this can mean adding an employee in response to new needs.

Mike McKinley says "If we fail to change...we fail!"

"Lois Creamer works with organizations that want to fast forward their selling skills so that they can be more successful at what they do. For more information on her programs please contact www.FastForwardSelling.com, email Lois@FastForwardSelling.com, or call 314-822-8225."

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