"Thank you for a terrific presentation on Fast Forward Selling at the St. Louis Meeting Professionals International meeting. You were an easy speaker to work with, flexible and undemanding, yet professional all the way. More importantly, your talk was timely and motivating. The last several months have been a challenge for many in the hospitality industry, and your comments were on target to help members turn sales inquiries into solid bookings. You are great!".
Rebecca DeFilippo, Meeting Professionals Intl.

Positioning: Creating Your Place In The Market

Positioning. This is a word you hear constantly. What does it mean?

Know who you are! In the business of professional speaking, you are the product. Be crystal clear about what you do. Here is where what I call a "positioning statement" comes into play. It promotes you by CONCEPT and OUTCOME of working with you. You must be able to communicate who you are.

Do your homework. Who are your clients and prospects? What motivates them in the marketplace? What challenges are they facing? What needs can you fill?

Think small. Never try to be all things to all people. It just doesn't work. The narrower your market, the better chance you have of getting the business. Be an expert in the field.

Promote yourself and your topic. Be creative. What distinguishes you from your competition? Be specific. Be memorable. Tell your story. Tell it over and over. Tell it at every opportunity to anyone who will listen. Talk about it. Write about it.

Create an image. You can create a visual image with logos, stationery, brochures, words, videos, newsletters and more. All of these things contribute to your corporate culture.

Tune into your clients. Every time you come into contact with a client or prospect, you are getting feedback about your market position. Hopefully, it's positive feedback; however, it isn't always. A phone call that isn't returned is feedback. It tells you that your positioning with this client or prospect needs some help! Use ALL feedback to improve upon positioning.

Don't give up! Create a plan and stick to it. Being consistent in your chosen market requires you to be good all of the time, every time. Deliver on what you promise. Deliver end results and deliver personality.

If you take the time to carve out a positioning strategy in your market, your business will grow. Isn't that what it's all about?

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